Живые объекты в небесах

A person noticing a UFO in the sky, at first freezes in amazement. Next, he tries to capture the phenomenon with a device that he has with him, whether it is a camera, phone or video camera. If there is nothing, then the eyewitness seeks to tell about the phenomenon seen by friends. They can believe it or not. If a person is known as a truthful person, then they believe it, and they laugh after the braggart and liar.

Are UFOs appearing in the atmosphere real? Their sharp maneuvers suggest a lack of mass, but these are not sun glare or reflections from mirror surfaces. After all, objects appear at night. Everyone knows about ball lightning – formations that are also mysterious and unpredictable. And "flying saucers" sometimes look like them. There are also dark UFOs of different sizes and shapes from cylinders to disks. Coming into contact with the pilots of unidentified flying objects is also a frequent phenomenon. Some eyewitnesses claim that they traveled with aliens and in space, even visited other worlds! This is still unprovable, but so say the abducted individuals

UFOs hover over the places of battles and grandiose accidents, as if capturing the events. These "lenses" of other worlds for something fly in the atmosphere and move under the waters of the oceans, watching humanity. And people worship different deities, created religions for this. Is not the deification of celestial phenomena, incomprehensible and frightening, also coming from antiquity? The ancestors, watching the flights of UFOs, simply attributed them to the part of nature that controls life on the planet. They set up idols on temples, then built temples, entrusting their destinies to the deities. The magical abilities of the tribesmen were considered as coming into contact with higher forces. The emerging States were governed by "God's vicegerents".

The earth as a part of the Universe was inhabited by beings that have evolved to intelligent. But there are innumerable other worlds in space, as Giordano Bruno, who was burned at the stake for his beliefs, was the first to say. The appearance of UFOs can be attributed to the probing of the planet by alien intelligence. And on Board the "saucers" are robots or living creatures, it does not matter. The main thing – do they interfere with earthly life? This issue is not resolved. Observations of strange flying objects in the atmosphere leave a painful feeling. For it is not clear to man what it really is. We can't expect precise answers from scientists. Both magic and UFOs are classified by science as paranormal phenomena that do not require study. What we see is only mirages!
are different forecasts on the topic of human development. One of them involves the transformation in the distant future of the bodies of earthlings in streams of radiant (energy). And these formations (physical) will travel through the Universe, having the appearance of UFOs for the natives of alien planets where intelligent life appeared. Isn't that what we're seeing today? Representatives of other worlds in their natural form.

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