Семен Гендлин: мошенник, дурачиший головы светилам науки в СССР

Semyon Lvovich Gendlin was born in 1939 in Kharkiv. His father was a Professor, and his mother was a PhD candidate. The parents hoped that their son would follow in their footsteps. Thanks to their efforts, the boy learned to read and count early. Gendlin was vain from childhood and had a gift for acting, which helped him build an outstanding career. Black box after finishing school, Gendlin got a job as a locksmith at an electrical and mechanical factory. But he soon realized that he didn't want to live like this anymore. Semyon wanted not only money, but also honor. In the 60s, physicists were especially respected. And Semyon, having forged a diploma of higher education, went to work at the Kharkiv Institute of medical radiology. Gendlin immediately informed the management that he would soon become a candidate of technical Sciences, and confirmed his words with a corresponding document, also, of course, fake.

One day the Institute was visited by a Commission. Gendlin had to provide its members with the results of his work, which did not exist. Then he showed the experts a black metal box, and to all the questions of scientists concerning the purpose of this device, he answered that this is a secret project and he has no right to talk about it. That same evening, at a Banquet, he enlisted the support of several scientific luminaries, heated by alcoholic beverages. The mysterious crystal Gendlin decided to continue his career at the Leningrad Institute of aviation instrumentation, where he was received with open arms. None of the employees really knew what the famous "scientist"was doing in his laboratory. They were afraid to disturb a talented colleague, so as not to interfere with his work. However, after a few months, they still had to do it. Semyon Lvovich immediately stated that he was developing a memory device that functions with the help of a certain crystal. The stone was in a box, which Gendlin proudly displayed. However, the box refused to open, explaining that light adversely affects the properties of the crystal. Suspicions having Once again forged documents, Semyon Lvovich Gendlin becomes a doctor of science. In this regard, not only his weight in the scientific community is growing, but also his salary. If at the beginning of his career he received 88 rubles a month, now he had all 350. But Gendlin's subordinates saw through him. Realizing that the others will soon expose him, Gendlin goes to the Institute of electrical measuring devices. However, he also takes with him those subordinates who recently accused him of incompetence. Gendlin promised the young specialists a career and a high salary, and they agreed. The deception was discovered when Gendlin needed access to secret developments. It became clear that all the scientist's documents were fake. Gendlin immediately goes on the run. However, he is arrested. But even while in custody, Semyon Lvovich continues to play. Admitting that the diplomas are really fake, he declares that the genius does not need documents at all. This, they say, is a simple formality necessary for your favorite work. And when it comes to the results of searches, during which no fruits of scientific activity were found Gendlin, he assures the investigator that he destroyed everything because of the secrecy of the projects entrusted to him. Semyon Lvovich Gendlin was sentenced to 10 years for fraud, as a result of which he enriched himself by a total of 6,500 rubles, which he received as a salary. In 1990, Gendlin moved permanently to Israel.

Almanac the UNKNOWN: Semyon Gendlin: a fraudster who fools the heads of the luminaries of science in the USSR

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