Психология секса: что о вас может рассказать поведение в постели

A person's sexual life can tell you much more about their personality than the most detailed self-presentation. Together with an expert, we understand how psychology and sex are connected, and what your behavior in bed says about you.
How often do you have sex? How satisfied are you? Are you faking an orgasm? All these questions may concern not only your sexual identity, but also the main features of your personality, and this fact has long been proven by scientists. Our sex life is partly shaped by classic types, and most likely, each of us recognizes himself in them. Psychologist Olga Romaniv will tell you more about what your behavior in bed can say about you.
Although well-meaning people are usually attentive, kind, and focused on making other people feel good, they are not as often interested in sex as other personality types. In one study, this social group reported feeling less desire for sex than other survey participants. In General, they were satisfied with the sex they had, including its frequency and the process itself. Soft people have a more "light" and calm libido, and sexual desire is not one of the most important aspects in their life. People from this group are less likely than others to resort to oral sex, various sexual techniques, they have the least fetishes — their intimate life fully reflects their balanced personality type and measured attitude to life.
If you are organized and detail-oriented, you probably fall into the category of conscious individuals. It may seem that someone who likes planning and scheduling will have a fairly routine and boring sex life, but in fact this is far from the case. These types of people may have traditional sexual tendencies, but they are usually fully sexually satisfied and less likely to experience intimate problems. Why? Because they pay attention to details that can improve sex, such as the quality of mood or knowing what turns their partner on, and themselves.
Organized people are more likely than others to prefer sex with music, scented candles, the use of oil and massage before sexual intercourse. Conformity and attention to detail combine to make their behavior clearer, and this also extends to their sex life — they are willing to talk openly with their partner, they know what they want, and they are not afraid to ask for it.
Extroverts have more sex than introverts, because they always provide themselves with bright emotions and are not afraid of them both in life and in sex. They are more likely to have a penchant for casual sex and talk about a high level of satisfaction.
Extroverts are ready to experiment, they often use devices for sex, often prefer group sex and openly talk about their desires and preferences, but in many cases their sexual behavior can be too impulsive. Extroverts are less likely to face sexual problems, their fantasies have a wide range, and their sex life is very active.
Not surprisingly, people who are curious and open to new things are often more adventurous and liberal when it comes to sex. The willingness to learn other techniques and fetishes allows this group not only to diversify their sex life, but also to make it much better for the partner.
They also often admit that they feel attracted to their gender (and more often identify as bisexual, pansexual, or gay), and are prone to a variety of sexual experiments that mirror their behavior outside of bed.
Neurotics are the least sexually satisfied — this is due to the fact that they are often dissatisfied with life in General. After all, when you are constantly stressed, easily irritated, and emotionally unstable, it is difficult to have fun, whether it is sex or a daily routine. In bed, this group of people shows themselves constrained and closed.
Men often have problems with potency, and women find it difficult to achieve the highest point of sexual satisfaction. In addition, members of this group also often fake an orgasm to avoid open conversation with a partner or for fear of being rejected.
In General, summarizing the types described, we can say that behavior in bed almost always reflects what we are in life. And if balance and openness to the world makes you a good lover, suitable for sex with interest and enthusiasm, then stress and neuroses do not affect the quality of your intimate life in the best way.
The main thing to remember is that almost any problem can be solved. If you are faced with tightness, stiffness and dissatisfaction in bed, or, conversely, tend to be too active and fanatical approach to the process, try to start small and look at the world from a different angle, study yourself and work out internal problems — so, step by step, you can adjust other areas of your life.

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