Оргазм во сне: что вы не знали о сексуальном феномене

Orgasmic discharge in a dream is a fairly common phenomenon, which, however, raises many questions for those who encounter it.
Erotic themes are quite common in our dreams. Many followers of the teachings of Sigmund Freud have absorbed the idea that dreams are our subconscious trying to tell us something. Today, science is far advanced, but there is still no evidence that erotic dreams mean anything in terms of symbolism, hidden content, or reflect our repressed desires. Together with the psychotherapist and somnologist Elena Kolesnichenko, we understand the issue.
According to a recent study by European scientists, in which they conducted a survey of about 3,000 people aged 16 to 92 years, 18% of all dreams are associated with eroticism. The greatest frequency of erotic dreams occurs at the age of 16-30 years. Men have these dreams a little more often than women. Erotic dreams can include scenes of flirting, kissing, hugging, Masturbation, watching sexual activities or directly participating in them.
Psychologists have noticed that dreams of erotic content affect the relationship of partners. Jealousy and infidelity, dreamed the day before, predict more conflicts and less intimacy between romantic partners, especially if the relationship does not work out. On the contrary, if you have a dream about a sexual relationship, then after waking up, people tend to show a greater degree of intimacy.
Some people feel guilty about their partner if they have had an intimate relationship with another person in a dream. Sure, the content of dreams may reflect our thoughts and behavior when we are awake, but this is not necessarily the case. Our dreams are largely random and not controlled by consciousness, so there is no reason to blame yourself for the plots of dreams. Sometimes, for example, you may dream of a sexual relationship with a person who in real life does not attract at all, even on the contrary.
It is noteworthy that most dreams occur during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, a highly active stage of sleep in which our brain temperature rises, our heart rate increases, our body becomes paralyzed, our breathing becomes irregular, and we experience a so-called "vegetative storm" during which blood flows to the genitals in both men and women. The brain responds to increased blood flow in the genital area, which can lead to sexual arousal and orgasm
It is known that 4% of all erotic dreams end with an orgasmic climax. But sleep orgasms can also occur outside of erotic dreams. This phenomenon is a real physical sexual discharge, which is accompanied by ejaculation in men, and bodily sensations in women.
There are many myths about sleep orgasms. Many people associate this phenomenon exclusively with puberty. Indeed, orgasms during sleep are more likely to occur during puberty, which is associated with hormonal changes. But orgasmic discharge can occur in adult men and women.
Another myth says that orgasms during sleep are experienced exclusively by men. But according to research, 37% of women have experienced this phenomenon at least once during sleep. Moreover, some women can not experience an orgasm in real life, but are capable of orgasmic discharge in their dreams — this is due to the fact that a woman's orgasm depends not only on physical stimulation, but also on psychological comfort.
Some believe that orgasms during sleep are harmful, that they reduce immunity to infectious diseases. Others say that orgasms during sleep in men lead to a decrease in the size of the penis. But these are just banal myths. Orgasms during sleep are absolutely safe for your health. Moreover, orgasmic discharge during sleep can help reduce the excess sperm in the testicles, which is a healthy function of the male reproductive system.
Another myth is to consider orgasms during sleep as a manifestation of the disease. On the contrary, orgasmic climaxes are the norm and a sign of healthy sexual functioning. However, the human norm is very variable and depends on different factors. The concept of norm includes:
• Complete absence of orgasms during sleep;
• Having orgasms during sleep only in adolescence, but not in adulthood;
• Regular or rare orgasms during sleep throughout life.
To sum up, it is worth noting that erotic dreams and orgasms during sleep are a natural phenomenon for both men and women. They can not be controlled, and this phenomenon is considered the absolute norm, and sometimes a welcome addition to the human body, and therefore do not worry if you are faced with this manifestation of your sexuality.

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