Обнаженная натура: почему мы перестали соблазнять

Provocative sexuality or false modesty? Looking for a middle ground together.
Coffeemania on Tverskaya street. I'm sitting by the window with a Cup of ginger tea. And then she comes in - my new subject. At 10 o'clock in the morning, a gorgeous blonde with endless legs and a completely "final" skirt was so provocatively sexy that the poison of female solidarity immediately spread in the air, and the arrogant pity of respectable citizens rustled: "Looking for an oligarch... That's how you dressed up, poor thing." I must admit that I, too, was initially confused by the abundance of red lipstick, eyeliner, metallic shadows and shining varnish. But, having successfully recovered from the color shock, I noticed that all the men, without exception, ecstatically froze, and, from that moment on, all their words and actions were directed exclusively in the direction of the troublemaker. So it works?! And moderation, adjusted over the years and brought to perfection, although respected, is not always so desirable.
What should I do? Me and those who have long and hard studied unobtrusively, but quite eloquently demonstrate their belonging to the "educated class"? We constantly improved in applying beige eye shadow and pale pink lipstick. From season to season, they wore a simple hairstyle, which is not called the glamorous word "tail". And, it seems, in the pursuit of modesty and integrity, they completely forgot how to seduce.
Although, perhaps, no, we have not forgotten - you will agree that with "well-bred" girls, not everything is so clear. We can talk as much as we want about the sweet charm of simplicity, but we have long been seen through and almost the entire beauty market plays on women's weaknesses and hidden desires. Pink lips and beige shadows so easily became the main trend of all time, not for ethical reasons, but because they are guaranteed to make the face younger. Remember what marketers most often write on colorless lip glosses? That's right, they promise to give your lips extra volume and make them ... more sensual. This logical chain can be continued indefinitely: creams will help bodies become desirable, oils will make hair slide under a man's hand, a drop of perfume on the skin will definitely Wake up an animal in everyone you meet (note, not a gentleman, not a decent person of a broad soul, but a beast).
So is it possible to learn to be seductive without falling into vulgarity and not going to outright provocation, which you may be alien to? Where to spy on samples of refined sexuality, if from the TV and from the Windows of the most expensive cars with "unforgettable" numbers, girls who do everything to the maximum look at us? Frankly, I, a girl from the classic "good Moscow family", periodically made forays into enemy territory. But I must admit that neither I nor the territory enjoyed it at all. I was terrified by the amount of makeup on my face and unusual outfits. And "tusovka" accurately read that I was a stranger here and was about to start looking for the meaning of life where everyone came just to have fun. Moreover, as soon as it came to close communication with men, the fatal seductress in me was immediately replaced by a melancholic intellectual, and even with an obsessive desire to "talk".
In short, Monica Bellucci (the one in Bertrand blieux's "How much are you worth") is no good to me. However, despite a rather puritanical upbringing, I, like most women, wanted to awaken the opposite sex, at least some instincts. Fortunately (and very timely) came life experience and understanding that it is better to look for a suitable option on your own territory. A holiday woman is sure to find her hero at one of the club parties. However, most likely, it will also be a person-holiday, from which you should not expect miracles of loyalty and increased domesticity, but you can count on genuine emotions and spontaneous actions. Well, a well-bred young lady, in turn, will meet a serious thorough husband at the Opera, perhaps not too bright, but reliable and predictable. Although in both cases, there are possible options... And by the way, over the years, it became clear to me that provocative sexuality, however, as well as hipster modesty, is just a matter of technique.
Those who are ready, but ... not always
If you are not yet ready to impose your militant sexuality on the world, then start experimenting within the limits of what is allowed. Believe me, there are not extreme ways to look sensual.
1. "don't be afraid of the new," says legendary makeup artist Tom Pesco, " this season You should definitely wear Bright lipstick. But not red, because there is too much carnivorous in it, but crimson or Bordeaux. Even with a modest hairstyle and nude makeup, it will give a man hope and hint at hidden reserves."
2. usually make-up artists advise you to make no more than one accent on your face: either your eyes or your lips. But the art Director of Guerlain Olivier Asomaton in special cases recommends that you not limit yourself: "If you choose light translucent colors, you can emphasize the eyes, lips, and even cheeks. Pink blush looks especially attractive. It clearly shows how excited you are (even if you don't really care)."
3. "Are you waiting for active actions on the part of a man? Then create a before date the effect of wet lips, advises makeup artist M. A. C in Russia and CIS countries Yekaterina Ponomaryova, have on lipstick with that effect, for example, Pro Longwear Lipcolor M. A. C".
4. "When I want to achieve in the world of something special - confessed actress and model Laetitia Casta, - I do intense smoky eyes and on the middle mobile eyelid apply a little silver sequin. It looks very erotic."
5. "A curl of hair along the neck always causes a surge of emotions. Be sure to pull a curl out of your hair and create a light spiral with the tongs,"says Michael Landon, Aveda's creative Director," And make sure that this strand gets a drop of perfume."

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