Кто ты, Пришелец?

"So maybe you should have the courage to Admit that your mysterious fragment is an internal

accident?" Why don't you want to admit that this is a part of some part of the spacecraft

of an alien civilization that visited OUR planet?

-it's easier to hide behind the aliens,-V. Fomenko objected in response.- At least, you don't

need to puzzle over the mysterious properties of that find-everything will be reduced to a banal ad:

"They are there, in another world, they can do everything, but we can't." But imagine that the table is an unusual raft under some circumstances

is there a driver in us, on Earth? Or will you be like this after you've been in space? Isn't it tempting to understand the ego of nature?..

Candidate of technical Sciences V. Fomenko is a member of the Commission on anomalous phenomena established under the Union of scientific And engineering societies. It was he who coordinated the research of an unusual sample, called the "vashk find".

All the names of this sample are due to the rivers Vash in the Komi ASSR. In the summer of 1976, several workers went fishing on it. And on the shore we accidentally came across some strange fragment the size of a fist, shining with a white flower. When one of the workers, examining the find, inadvertently released ee from his hands, she hit the stone with a bunch of sparks. Interested, the fishermen took the fragment with them in the village and tried to saw it for honor. But it was only necessary to lightly hold a hacksaw on it, as streams of white fire flew out from under the teeth of the canvas.

Already primary scientific analysis has shown that the find has interesting properties. To teach them, the fragment was dismembered and sent to the institutes of the organization, learning the most subtle methods of research. Among them are the all-Union research Institute of nuclear Geophysics in Geochemistry, the S. I. Vavilov Institute of physical problems at the V. I. Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry in analytical chemistry of the USSR Academy of Sciences, the Moscow Institute of physics in rafts, and a number of others.

What did the student find out? This question is answered by employees of the all-Union research Institute of nuclear Geophysics in Geochemistry, which directly conducted research on the mysterious sample.

- To analyze your find, we used precision gamma-ray spectrometric methods of annaly

za, including neuroradiation, neutron activation, and x-ray radiometry, - said the head of the laboratory of the Institute, candidate of technical Sciences V. Miller.- Today, these methods

have reached such perfection that with their help, without destroying the sample, it is possible to determine with high accuracy the

percentage of 30-40 elements in it. If these elements were present in samples

of several atoms in total.

The results of our research suggest that the found fragment is a raft of rare earth elements. The content of cerium in It reaches 67.2 percent, lanthanum — 10.9, neodymium — 8.78 percent. There is a small amount of iron in chromium. Among the impurities-uranium and molybdenum, the content of which does not exceed 0.04 percent.

Most likely, we can conclude that this raft is an artificial accident. Why? Cerium and lanthanum in neodymium are called rare-earth elements because they are found in the most dispersed form in terrestrial genera. Here we are faced with a surprisingly high content of these elements in a small volume. In addition, in nature, in a suitable juicy, they practice nowhere to be found...

- if the conditions for the formation of a suitable raft u could arise, then only for the landscapes of our plane

you,— enters the conversation seductive other laboratory RIA candidate of technical Sciences S. Savosin.— On the Earth of natural minerals with a similar composition in the characteristics of the network. For example, we spent several days studying a sample in our laboratory to determine the phase state of iron. We have on the planet, the oxygen usually reacts with the iron in it oxidizes the metal. Therefore, almost all rafts contain its oxide forms. We didn't cash them in the templates.

Even more unexpected were the results of radioactivity. In mountain genera, the average content of uranium is grams per ton. In the wreckage found, it was 140 times higher. Not because we can't detect W, mute... the decay product of uranium. In other words, there is only its own radioactivity. And this is another date in favor of the fact that the unusual raft is an artificial escort. U its age is not more than That of thousands of years. Otherwise, there must have been radioactivity in from the decay products...

The results of research conducted at other institutes were also unusual. Summing them up, candidate of technical Sciences V. Fomenko says:

— In any terrestrial alloy of rare earth metals, there must be impurities of such common elements as calcium or sodium. They are detected by laser spectral analysis even in reference samples obtained using the most advanced purification methods. In Valksky same discovery had failed to detect even a hint of a trace of calcium or sodium. And experts say that with the current level of technology, it is impossible to get an alloy without these impurities. The high purity of the components that make up the alloy was striking. For example, lanthanum, as a rule, is always accompanied by its closest "relatives" — other rare earth metals of its group. Because of their similar chemical and physical properties, they can only be separated with great difficulty. In the found fragment, lanthanum is presented in a perfectly pure form...

The structure of substances is judged by the characteristic lines in their spectrum. Our sample was first studied using x-ray diffraction analysis methods, Which revealed 23 lines describing the crystals included in the alloy, but only three of them were found to coincide with the lines characteristic of cerium and lanthanum crystals. But in order to detect even these three coincidences, a huge amount of work was done — lines in the spectra of more than three hundred already known alloys and compounds of neodymium, magnesium, and iron were studied.

When they decided to double-check these data using electronographic analysis, the results were even more striking. The researchers got 11 clear lines, but... completely different from x-ray analysis. And none of these lines are similar to those characteristic of known u-compound alloys. From this it was concluded that the found fragment is made of a mixture of powders, small and large fractions of which have different crystal structures. Moreover, the smallest particles of the powder consist of only a few hundred atoms...

In principle, such an alloy could be obtained by cold pressing at a pressure of tens of thousands of atmospheres. This assumption is supported by the unusual density of the alloy — it turned out to be 10 percent lower than what it should have according to all our laws. But, on the other hand, here we again run into the limited capabilities of our earth technology. When the researchers examined the fragment in its original form, they concluded that it was part of a part in the form of a ring, cylinder, or sphere with a diameter of about 1.2 meters. And experts say that the equipment capable of pressing parts of this size with a pressure of tens of thousands of atmospheres does not yet exist...

Judging by the fact that the chip begins to spark under small mechanical loads, it was probably just dangerous to use it as a structural material. Soon it can be assumed that it played the role of an additive to the type of fuel we do not know. Another version related to the unusual magnetic properties of the raft is not excluded: they differ more than 15 times in different directions in the lining. Such a raft can be used for magnetic cooling to very low temperatures,— only for cellular u thousandths of a degree different from absolute zero. .. in order for the raft to have such characteristics, cold pressure must be carried out in very strong magnetic fields, which again are not yet available to earth technology...

There was a version that it was just a fragment of a meteorite. It arose when compared with the results of investigations in the area of the Tunguska explosion. There, an increased presence of rare earth metals was restored in the moss layers Dating back to the year of the disaster. And in trees that grew after take-offs, the content of cerium and lanthanum was 600 times higher than away from the epicenter. But, no matter how tempting this alignment, what came up to be canceled: in meteorites, the content of rare earth elements does not differ from that of earth. I will say more: meteorites from pure rare earth metals give theoretically can not exist...

If we assume that the raft was made by messengers of another civilization, then we need to make a significant addition: they made it themselves. A story within our Solar system, perhaps in us on the planet. The work is that the students analyzed the isotopic composition of the raft. And it turned out that it is accurate to the hundredths of a percent coincides with the earth's dimensions...

When in the external nuclear Geophysics in Geochemistry, the word came about research on radioactivity and a period of one hundred thousand years was called, in the conversation, the incoming head of the laboratory, candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences O. Gorbatyuk:

- do Not skimp on conclusions, - he objected.- Judging by the decay products of thorium, the growth of our template is no more than 30 years...

Thirty years ago, man already had a whole Arsenal of tools for observing outer space. And the arrival of messengers from another civilization could not go unnoticed. Therefore, the scientists believe that only further research can shed light on the nature of your find.

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