Кто как хочет: 3 современных вида оргазма, о которых вы не знали

What's new to say (and experience) about a question that hasn't had news since the creation of the world? The surprising answer is from Sophia the First.
I read my first book about sex when I was 16. It was a memoir of an American prostitute with practical exercises – what to hold and where to touch. For us concerned teenagers, this book has become a bestseller, once eclipsing the first published after a long break Mandelstam and Babel, on which our mothers prayed. Publications of that time did not differ in quality. Poets and prostitutes were printed on the same gray whole-grain paper. But that didn't stop anyone from reading. And as it was etched into the memory – no offense to "konarmiya". Twenty years have passed. Every self-respecting publication 16+has its own "Sex" category. Erotic novels and translated sex textbooks are regularly published. And nothing new except the g-spot. During this time, mobile telephony has evolved from zero to 4G. Scientists are about to invent a DNA computer and a cancer vaccine. Neuro-gadgets are on the way. And when it comes to sex, we're somewhere between clitoral and vaginal orgasms. At the same time, orgasm, especially female, has become indecently important in the eyes of the public. Not the least role in this was played by the super-popular series "Sex and the city"a couple of years ago. Only in " Sex...", in addition to sex, there was an abyss of humor, mind-blowing Jimmy Choo sandals and men, and in life about orgasm, as about the dead – either good or nothing. It seems that sex life has never been so asexual, and accepting ourselves has never required such courage. It's like I have to report every orgasm I get to someone, like Victor Mancini in Chuck Palahniuk's Suffocation. In search of a reasonable middle ground, I talked about why an orgasm is necessary with Olga Kopylova, the Coach of the Academy of private life, and found out who needs us all to get an orgasm, from the psychoanalyst Dmitry Olshansky. And in parallel, I found three modern ways to have fun so that it was not only pleasant, but also interesting. It turns out that the modern world of sex at the intersection of new technologies and physiology is much more inventive and witty than I imagined.
Mental orgasm
"Orgasm is in the brain, not in the genitals "– a quote from the book" As a woman wants " by the American expert on sex education with twenty years of experience, Emily Nagoski. Thanks, Cap. Everyone knows that the brain is somehow involved in the events that happen to us. So why shouldn't the brain take the lead in such a good thing as getting an orgasm? Especially with a clear benefit for yourself. Thanks to the huge blood flow at the moment of orgasm, the brain simultaneously receives a horse's dose of oxygen and nutrients. It is literally flooded with the neurochemical compounds oxytocin and dopamine, which give us a sense of bliss and love for our neighbor. If we talk about the level of brain stimulation, then this orgasm surpasses all chess and checkers combined. However, there is no sensation here. It will be a sensation if you set up feedback. Not when the brain receives bonuses from the work of the genitals, but on the contrary – when the main action takes place in the brain: orgasm solely by the power of thought. It seems incredible, but during experiments using MRI scanners at Rutgers University (new Jersey), women were able to achieve an orgasm identical to that achieved by physical stimulation (Masturbation), by the power of imagination alone. This is possible and even recorded by devices. Author of bold experiments – neuroscientist and co-author of the Book "the science of orgasm" Barry Komisaruk. According to him, the way to achieve a mental orgasm is different for each woman. In his research, "some subjects used a combination of erotic fantasies with breathing techniques, others added hip movements to this, and still others imagined more abstract sensual images – for example, waves of energy passing through their bodies." There are real benefits to Barry Komisaruk's discovery. A mental orgasm is a chance to have fun for paralyzed women who, for obvious reasons, have given up on having sex. In this case, the bridge between the vagina and the brain is not the spinal cord, but the vagus nerve, the presence of which in the pelvic region was a big surprise for scientists and subjects.
"To be honest, even ten years ago, I thought that everyone had it"
In my circle, it was not customary to discuss intimate life with parents or friends. Despite the fact that I have a medical sister, I realized my peculiarity already as a mother of two children. I'm hypersensitive. The first time I had an orgasm was when my first boyfriend and I were on the bus to College. Everything was within the bounds of decency, when suddenly my heart began to beat, I trembled all over, convulsions began, and I almost fainted. I didn't even know what sex was then. I just imagined us kissing. Since then, this happens to me regularly, but, thank God, not in public places. It is better to fantasize when no one interferes. Like when I'm alone in the car. I stand in a traffic jam, think, remember the last sex and in 10 minutes at most I can finish. At my last job, I had a separate office – very convenient. I never imagine having sex with any actors or stars. I already have a lot to remember.
Lena K., fire safety engineer, 46 years old
The term "korgarzm" was formed from two words – "core" (the core muscles are a complex of muscles that are responsible for stabilizing the pelvis, hips and spine) and "orgasm". This is the name of an orgasm that occurs during various types of fitness classes and is caused by the tension of the cortex muscles. Unlike the mental orgasm, here the brain is completely disconnected. Therefore, the climax that occurs in a completely working stop – in the middle of a crowded hall, is often a big surprise. Although what is there to be surprised: any sexologist will say that rhythmic movement against the background of deep breathing and an empty head is the shortest way to achieve physical pleasure. Korgasm was not mentioned yesterday. The term was coined and first used by the infamous American scientist, founder of the Institute for sex research Alfred Kinsey in 1953. In the monograph Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, the scientist talks about 5% of women among his patients who, while playing sports, suddenly got physical pleasure. With those sports that involve indirect clitoral stimulation, everything is more or less clear. But in 2011, scientists from Indiana University continued Kinsey's research. In the experiment, was attended by 370 women volunteers. While the girls were getting in shape, scientists measured their unsportsmanlike achievements. According to the results of this study, an exercise bike accounts for only 15% of sports orgasms, even though it is the third most popular exercise machine in the gym. 20% of orgasms happen in yoga. The absolute sexual leader among the shells is the "captain's chair", an unerotic design in the form of a massive chair without a seat, designed for working out the lower part of the press. Lifting your legs 90 degrees on the "captain's chair" provides 51% of orgasms! Girls describe korgasm as pleasant contractions in the lower abdomen. According to some data, about 10% of all visitors to the halls, regardless of gender, experience korgasm.
"I love sports and sex equally and find that they have a lot in common." Both are fun. In sports, the body works for results. In sex – to achieve an orgasm. In both cases, you need to apply certain tactics, relax, overcome self - doubt. At the University, I have been doing gender research for three years at the intersection of these areas. The subject of my diploma is "the sensual side of outdoor sports for women". Classes in open areas are the prerogative of confident men, brats do not go there, only those who are in good shape and do not hesitate to show themselves. This is a kind of male performance, and I wonder how women feel when they are two meters away from such bodies. At the time, I read an American study on the topic of sports orgasm. I'm a sports fan. I spend at least 20 hours a week in the gym. But I didn't have any korgasm.
Irina S., student of the faculty of sociology Of the University of Barcelona (Universitat de Barcelona)

Braingasm is a simplified name for the phenomenon of ASMR, an Autonomous sensory meridional response. This is another type of pleasure with the participation of the brain, but in most cases without an erotic connotation. They started talking about braingasm a few years ago, when a lot of ASMR channels appeared on the network, and they had hundreds of videos for every taste. To understand what kind of pleasure it is, remember the moments when the body ran goose bumps ("frisson"), when you listened to something or watched. Frisson pathogens are called triggers. There are several types of triggers. There are sound effects when the pleasure is delivered by a whisper, the rustle of pages being flipped, the light tapping of nails on a hard surface or the click of gadgets. There are visual triggers, the meaning of which is smooth repetitive movements, as in a massage. There are triggers-situations, or, as they are also called, role-playing. In this case, the person enjoys watching scenes from life in which they show increased attention. This can be a beauty treatment, a trip to the Barber shop, or a doctor's appointment. The ASMR phenomenon has not yet received a scientific explanation, although research is already underway. Today, there is evidence of a similar phenomenon – "skin orgasm", or "musical thrill", as frisson is also called, which appears from a strong aesthetic pleasure. Research at Wesleyan University has shown that music acts on the same pleasure centers as cocaine. But the ASMR community is trying to distance itself from such comparisons.
"I started it in Junior high – some of the sounds seemed to throw me out of reality." When I got older, at the Institute, I tried to find out from my classmates if this happens to them. I found out that people are divided into two groups: those who are crazy about popping bubbles on wrapping film, and those who are crazy about a whisk-massager for the head. A search on medical sites did not yield results. I felt like a pervert, but I would never have given up the feeling of goosebumps running from the back of my neck to the back of my neck and down my body. My triggers are the crunch of paper bags being crushed, the sound of knitting needles, the smell of ink and lime. At the moment of such an "orgasm" you find yourself in a parallel universe – not sleeping or awake, balancing somewhere in the middle, a stupid smile on your face. It's funny that when I get aroused, like when someone kisses me on the neck, I get exactly the same goosebumps. My young man understands from them – I really like it or I'm trying for him.
Angela, the hostess, is 32 years old
Who needs your orgasm?
Comment by psychoanalyst Dmitry Olshansky:
Today, orgasm has become a kind of imposed requirement: everyone must experience it. If you don't have orgasms, it means that something is wrong with you and it needs to be treated urgently (with pills or training), and if you have an orgasm, then it should be even more. Thus, orgasm today is a well - selling product and a strict social requirement. "Orgasming!" – that puts us in a modern matrix. But let's ask ourselves: who needs an orgasm at all? It is obvious that the problem of orgasm exists only for those life forms that either do not have their own body, or contact with it is lost. For example, how do we formulate this problem? "Something broke in me and I stopped having orgasms." In other words, we are told that "this body does not produce the product that the matrix requires of it." We see an absolutely mechanical attitude to the body, which is perceived simply as meat for servicing the matrix. Problems in sex – frigidity, impotence, anorgasmia – are all types of revolutions that neurotics dare to try to escape from the matrix concentration camp. It is not surprising that the suppression of this rebellion comes from psychologists-trainers who return the body as a part in the machine of pleasure and consumption. French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan linked orgasm directly to anxiety. Modern man experiences orgasms everywhere, not necessarily in bed. For example, when a student needs to pass a diploma and he delays writing it until the last moment, and then, when all the deadlines have passed, convulsively writes it. Isn't that an orgasm? Or a young man who wants to propose to a girl, but puts it off for years and enjoys an imperfect action? Orgasm is the dream of any neurotic on the way to his desire. He must experience privation and anxiety in order for the pleasure, as it seems to him, to be real.
Energy of youth
Comment by Olga Kopylova, coach of the Academy of private life, leading practice "orgasm Reflex":
If you exclude the wonders of cosmetology and Botox, who looks better – a forty-year-old man or a forty-year-old woman? Usually a man. Because men, as a rule, do not feign pleasure in bed. Orgasm works to rejuvenate every cell. However, frequent orgasms are not useful. Once a day is not harmful. But if you are physically exhausted and constantly have sex – nothing good. Together with the energy during orgasm, we throw out everything superfluous, including mentally. What is gone frees up space for something new- emotions, feelings, knowledge. You need to accumulate them before you look for a new orgasm. It's not for nothing that there are posts. When we give up something important, such as connecting a man and a woman, we accumulate energy in these moments. Also consciously refrain from sex on the eve of performances of athletes, priestesses, artists. We must remember that orgasm is a very strong energy that comes out through Kundalini. There are people who are engaged in sacred practices, like Tibetan monks. They completely renounce sex, transforming sexual energy with the help of breathing into more subtle types of energy. For example, in the "Eye of rebirth" gymnastics (also known as Peter Calder gymnastics), there is a sixth exercise that can only be performed if you completely give up your sexual life. In yoga, there is a similar exercise – Nauli, and there is no such ban. Perhaps this is because during the sixth exercise – and it is performed with the abdominal muscles – sexual energy can rise up. And if, for example, there was sex, it will be the energy of lust. Rising up, it can turn into the energy of conquest – "I want the whole world." The reverse side of sexuality is aggression. And it's dangerous. The energy must be pure, so that when it rises to the top, it is directed to creation and contemplation.

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