Как выбрать идеальное белье для секса

Underwear is not necessary for sex, but it is useful for sexuality. We decided to find out exactly how and in whom expensive lace arouses desire.
"Underwear, of course, is important, but much more important is how a woman has sex." An SMS with this content came to me at three o'clock in the morning. My ex – boyfriend, who we are now just friends with, was on the road and couldn't call back-he was making another million-dollar deal on the other side of the world. Instead of "having sex" in the message, however, there was a stronger phrase, but I was still surprised. It always seemed to me that this man attached much more importance to the sexual entourage than to the sex itself. But the relationship with this man in any case was a bright period of my life. We tried a lot of what some people call deviations, and others, less conservative people, experiments. Threesomes, role – playing games, erotic shooting with different scenarios, discussion of crazy erotic fantasies-the list does not end there. Underwear in our Arsenal was not the last place. He gave me things – once, for example, he brought me a Gothic bustier with lots of strings. But it was so, for the soul, to please me. I did not have time to put it on (and, accordingly, take it off) – we parted. But really this man was turned on by things from the category "for nymphets", the more infantile, the better: cotton panties with some funny pattern, Calvin Klein t-shirts with straps, although my shape is far from the androgynous figure of Kate moss, who was once the face of this brand. Even the usual half-childish pyjamas excited him: seeing me in them, he relaxed, let go of himself and, in normal cases, preferring rather rough sex, became remarkably gentle. And he, like many men, of course, turned on when I had no underwear under my dress at all.
My close friend Lena, a lover of just brutal sex, being already 14 years firmly married, periodically raises the tone of her husband as follows: meets him in his underwear right at the Elevator. From each trip, she usually brings something "special"-nipple pads or stockings under the belt from Agent Provocateur, a corset with a frivolous pleated skirt, a tight chemise from her favorite English store Ann Summers, or a transparent bodysuit. (Plus, she has several pairs of padded handcuffs in her nightstand for a long time.) Surprisingly, but the fact is that her husband, in whatever state he came home, reacts to this mask show in full, barely slamming the front door behind him (fortunately, their children are already grown up and sleep soundly at night). And not just reacts, but is terribly proud that his wife performs such feats for him, takes it in this form on the iPhone and every time threatens to post photos on Facebook.
But, as my experience and a stormy discussion of this topic with a large number of men shows, my friend's husband is rather an exception. I have, of course, met men for whom women's underwear served as viagra. One, for example, gave a strong preference for red – the more vulgar, the better. For other underwear – especially in the babydoll aesthetic (lace-ruffles-soft pastel colors) – it was a fetish: he forbade me to take it off even at crucial moments. Both, by the way, were rather mediocre lovers. I also have a friend, a high – status businessman, who claims that if a woman in pajamas is in his bed, she will leave this bed – and his life-immediately. His current girlfriend, 25 years younger than him, whose style resembles the character Julia Roberts at the very beginning of the movie "Pretty woman", most likely, really does not know what pajamas are. But I don't envy her.
Sexually "sharpened" on refined or provocative underwear men – in my opinion, a rarity. I don't rule out the possibility that if I present my husband in one of the most beautiful items from the collections that Gaultier has been making for La Perla for three years, I will give him the effect of a cold shower. Laconic sports items are another matter (a similar taste, according to my observations, is shared by many). "This whole masquerade is a lot of pressure," he recently blurted out. " we think we should do something special in bed for this occasion. This is stressful. Plus I have explicit underwear causes unambiguous associations – a brothel. And I share a brothel and a relationship." "If she doesn't have enough of her body to turn me on, there's something wrong," another friend said. – And in General, it is more correct when a man seduces a woman, and not Vice versa. Aggressive female sexuality is unnatural." "I like to look at pictures more – at beautiful girls in beautiful underwear, like, for example, in an ad for Aubade underwear, – said another person who is a great connoisseur of women. – In theory, we love expensive underwear, but in real life, it's much more pleasant to see my girlfriend in simple panties and a Dim bra – or without it. That is, in things in which she is really comfortable and at the same time she does not try to play the predator."
I decided to consult with a very experienced man, a Professor, a well – known psychologist Vadim Petrovsky-he has talked to a huge number of men over several decades of practice, including on similar topics. "Yes, we love variety," he said, " but underwear is not a universal way to spice up your sex life. Don't be under any illusions: men have always preferred porn to eroticism. Folded underwear is a barrier, and for me personally, it is much more important that “behind it". The whole point is to rip it off as soon as possible. And if a woman tries to get me to have sex in this way, it's annoying – just not in the right place. Men are not interested in the cost and value of what you are wearing – they are interested in the value of your relationship."
And in General, as Petrovsky noted, underwear is much more a story about women and for women, which I completely agree with. Each of us has an exhibitionist hidden in us, so what, and MOST importantly, how we wear under our outer clothing, is a great way to satisfy this need. By the way, exhibitionism is the idea behind Agent Provocateur's latest commercial "Wilhelmina", which starred Penelope Cruz's sister Monica. She became the face of a new fall collection called Show Your True Self. In the video, Monica selflessly poses in crazy underwear, despite the fact that her audience is a speechless, comically ugly elderly photographer with an antediluvian camera, and the scene is a semi – dark dungeon in Victorian London.
But beautiful underwear can and should be periodically demonstrated. There is nothing sexier when the rim of an expensive stocking peeks out from under the dress-by millimeters, no more. I'm not sure if men notice these things, but I'm sure women do. This encourages me to urgently plan another visit to the same Agent Provocateur (beautiful stockings are my personal fetish). We are always subconsciously competing with other women, provoking and seducing each other – not for nothing is the heroine of one of the recent Provocateur commercials seduced by several women, dressing her in stunning underwear. A year ago, I attended the biggest fetish party in Europe-it was held in London, in the dead of night, in a Gothic building. Most of the girls who came were wearing only designer corsets, stockings with belts, or various configurations of underwear – latex, leather, satin, organza. But this whole story wasn't about sex. It was a vanity fair: women, completely oblivious of their companions, scanned each other. But also in our views warmed up by a few glasses of Moet & Chandon material desires (I want the same!) connected with sexual ones. I dare say that a woman in beautiful underwear is a stronger object of desire for a woman than for a man.
Therefore, it is not surprising that bold underwear from a hidden accessory gradually becomes outerwear – like the same corsets of Dolce & Gabbana. With the light hand of Madonna, who in 1990 on tour with the Blonde Ambition tour went on stage to perform "Like a Virgin" in a cone-shaped Gaultier bodice, and the last of the main fashion provocations of the early 90's turned into a cult thing. During her current tour, she performs "Like a Virgin" in Agent Provocateur, but most of the other costumes – bustiers, corsets, futuristic leather and metal bras – are again from Gaultier, who called this collection the perfect "fusion of male and female". (After 22 years on stage, Madonna looks more conservative: with a corset, she wears a shirt, trousers and long gloves, but in the new "Turn Up the Radio" video, she is still wearing a very sexy Gaultier bra made of black lace.)
According to recent research, French women spend at least a fifth of their income on underwear – 91% of them consider beautiful lingerie an extremely important part of life. And they are absolutely right. It is not so important whether someone will see us in a new set from Eres (a brand of very feminine, erotic underwear that belongs to the Chanel house- it recently began to be sold in Moscow). Others, and most importantly, your man, will feel that you are good, first of all with yourself. And this is sexy.

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