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A young well-groomed beauty, a solid successful businesswoman, a housewife who devotes herself to children and taking care of the house, a woman of Balzac's age who is tired of marriage and everything in the world-what do they have in common? They're all cheated on by their husbands. Why this happens and whether it is possible to change something, in our material prepared by experts in profiling.
The power of the truth, sister!
Unfortunately, today the institution of the family is not going through the best of times. And everyone is trying to improve your "social cell": from your mother-in-law or girlfriend, who conduct intimate conversations and give various advice such as "wife-neck" or "pretend that you have an affair at work", to religious figures who preach: "love your neighbor (i.e. husband) like yourself." There are other "healers–psychics" who will take years to remove "spoilage" and "love spells"from a cheater or a walking wife.
By the way, did you know that the answer to the question: "did he cheat on me or not?", which is most often asked by "victims" who want to check their faithful on a "lie detector", is useless? It's easy to find out the truth, but the point is different. Infidelity is just a feedback given by the marriage partner. Another thing is what to do with it, what to do next, how to prevent this from happening?
Any infidelity can be prevented: before crossing the line, the husband warns hundreds of times that infidelity is just around the corner! But to understand this, you need to observe, hear and understand men.
They say that a new hairstyle, a beautiful negligee and role-playing games can turn husbands away from going to the left. If it were so simple, then a huge number of women would not seek help from psychologists. The fact is that all men can not be "rowed under one comb". Yes, without a doubt, these cool methods work, but only on one type of guy.
Every man, in one way or another, is motivated by various life principles for life activity. Some are driven by a thirst for adventure and pleasure (sex-drugs-rock-n-roll), and the other important status, to conquer them women, the third — sweet sense of power over the partner, the fourth — need tenderness and care that gives them the woman of the fifth to increase their self-esteem, collecting sexual victory. There are also those types who want to, but it pricks ("as if something did not happen"), and those who have the eternal autumn of life — depression (" the camel has two humps, because life is a struggle"), but the latter are usually less interesting to women and in matters of infidelity, such men, most often, are the suffering side. Of course, this classification is also suitable for women, but in this case we are talking about male infidelities.
Runs after every skirt? Give him a fishing rod!
The simplest, we can say, "Zoological" type is an incorrigible ladies ' man (Yes, the one who has an overabundance of "passion hormones" in the body from birth to old age). In fact, everything is simple: to live in peace and fidelity, a woman needs to find her husband a hobby in which the adrenaline rush will be off the scale. Make your "gulena" an avid fisherman, hunter, racer. Professionals will tell you how to choose the right hobby, and most importantly – how to gently and unobtrusively deploy your man in the sphere of other interests. To do this, you need to find a basic need and apply the right speech formulations, build a conversation in the right direction and at the right time, tracking the reaction of your faithful. This is an art form. If this question is important to you, then do not spare your stomach, that is, time to get knowledge. Better yet, improve your relationships under the guidance of experienced psychologists. And do it very,very carefully: "on cat's feet".
Sex or life?
Just a few words about a man and sex. We all know that sex plays a different role in the life of the weaker and stronger sex. But the results of scientific research conducted by The head of the Academy are truly shocking: difficult living conditions, hunger, cold, thirst, and even the fear of death that men face in war — nothing compared to the lack of sex and that after two months, any (!) Mature woman for a man is the most desired object and beauty Queen. Regardless of their age, education, temperament, and personality type. Another question is what each of them does with this wild desire. This is all about:
"Raising a husband by refusing to go to bed" almost 100% of the time ricochets into the wife.
The main reason for cheating: fake relationships
What else pushes men "to the left"? Of course, a woman's low self-esteem, unkempt appearance, despondency, lack of time, lack of interests. They affect the discord in the family, regardless of the type or temperament of the man. It's no secret that men cheat on women who don't like or respect themselves. How do I change this? Here, by the way, the "true-false" criterion comes into play again.
If a woman values herself only in words, but in her heart does not agree with this, then this does not work, the real States are read by the partner on a physical, intuitive level.
And if we have already touched on the topic of falsehood, we remind you that no matter how quirky people are, the true attitude, emotions and mood, such as resentment, dislike, irritation, will sooner or later be "counted" from you by your partner! And all the actions that follow from this can sometimes be done by him unconsciously, based on this very "feeling behind". How to be honest with yourself and your partner. Love and be loved?
Is there a way out? Yes: change it yourself!
Change yourself, not your husband, but your relationship! Can I solve all these problems on my own? Probably! And who could, has already solved this issue in his family. But since you are reading this article, you may still need our help. There are no perfect men, and there are no perfect women. But lovely ladies are naturally more flexible natures and therefore it is in your power to make sure that your personal life is not overshadowed by the words "infidelity", "rival", "divorce and maiden name". You can, of course, leave everything as it is and not solve this problem. Every day you feel humiliated and insulted, feel a lump of nerves, hear the neighbor's laughter in the back, see the unhappy eyes of your children (or your own, in the mirror). Life is one, and what will it be like: happy or not — it's up to you! There is always a choice!
Some people are interested in whether the actions described by Olga and Eugene are manipulation. "No! "we respect the concept of sincerity and our main goal (or mission, if you like) is to make as many people as possible take off their masks and become themselves and be happy. Separating lies from the truth, including self – deception – as the root of many problems-is something new, and this knowledge has not yet been replicated in our country, at least among the broad masses. Many of the methods we use are based on such Sciences as anthropology and psychophysiology, which study people and predict their behavior."
About experts:
"Profiling" – predicting a person's behavior through drawing up a psychological profile. This method allows you to practically predict the future. Based on the analysis of personality, you can predict a person's behavior in certain situations, identify inclinations and preferences in various areas of their life and activities.
Profilers Evgeny Spiritsa and Olga Starodumova, representatives of The international Academy of lie research, are engaged in such research of the human psyche. They study lies from a scientific point of view, analyze the behavior and character of a person and present it as an open book. From this knowledge, a separate project for women "Profiling on the guard of women's happiness" has grown, where Eugene and Olga are trainers and willingly share their accumulated experience.

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