Игра в имитацию: вредно ли симулировать оргазм

Imitation of an orgasm is one of the most common problems in the intimate sphere. Together with the psychologist, we understand the issue.
In 2015, one of the Western publications conducted an anonymous survey among its readers, which involved almost two and a half thousand women aged 18 to 40. The survey showed that only 5% of respondents regularly experience an orgasm during sex with a partner. In addition, some of the respondents showed that they often achieve an orgasm on their own during Masturbation, and another part admitted that they get pleasure during oral sex, which is the norm.
At the same time, the overwhelming number of participants in the survey (95%) in the course of the study said that they regularly imitate an orgasm. Among the main reasons: the reluctance to upset the partner and the fact that in the process of intimacy it became clear that there would be no orgasm.
From the point of view of biology, imitating an orgasm, of course, is harmless. However, if you look at the imitation of orgasm from the point of view of a healthy relationship, then you should not abuse this behavior in bed, because it entails a number of negative consequences.
First of all, imitation affects the quality of the relationship with the partner. Regular falseness in bed leads to an increase in understatement and distrust, since a woman's dissatisfaction with the quality of sex indirectly affects the psychoemotional state of a man — the partner can feel negative vibrations, but not understand what exactly is the matter.
Another problem is the state of depression caused by regular imitation of orgasm. A woman who hides a problem from her partner deprives herself of the opportunity to solve this very problem, which can lead to negative thoughts about her health — according to sexologists, more than half of their patients gradually come to the conclusion that the problem of not having an orgasm during sexual intercourse is solely related to the characteristics of her body, which provokes depression, apathy and anxiety.
Another unpleasant consequence of intimate lies is the constant increase in feelings of fear and the feeling that you are deceiving your partner. According to statistics, women who regularly imitate an orgasm admit that they feel guilty in front of a man, realizing their own lies. Thus, the process that should bring pleasure turns into execution.
Of course, the fears associated with a Frank conversation have their own reasons — women are afraid that their partner will misunderstand her words or even blame her for the problem. However, it is worth remembering that any relationship, including sexual, should be based on mutual interest and respect, and therefore a Frank conversation about your needs and desires should not be a problem in a healthy Union
The main thing that is important to know is that bed is not a place for lies and falsehoods. Try to listen to your body and open up to your partner, discuss possible options, try something new. If you approach the process calmly and sensibly, the chances of achieving the desired result significantly increase.
And if it doesn't work out, then you shouldn't make a big tragedy out of it. If you believe the same statistics, then one orgasm occurs on average for 3-4 sexual acts. As you can see, it can't happen during every coitus — you can honestly tell a man about it. It is much more important that you feel in bed with your partner at all, whether you like being with him, whether you get pleasure from his touch, from the fact that you hug, kiss, caress each other. Do not forget, when making love, all the components are important, not just the orgasm. If you learn to listen to yourself, trust your feelings, and not focus on the problem, you will be able to enjoy the process itself, and not chase the result.

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