Что такое сексуальный интеллект и как его развить

Scientists say that sexual IQ is like any muscle in our body that can be "pumped up". Together with the psychologist, we understand the subtleties of the issue.
Sexual IQ (or SQ) is a term coined by mit scientists Sheri Conrad and Michael Milburn, who were the first to say that sexuality can and should be developed, and sex can be learned if desired. According to the authors of the concept, emotional and social intelligence of a person helps to develop sexual IQ. Together with psychologist Olga Romaniv, we understand the issue.
SQ is impossible to imagine without such factors as the presence of experience, intuition, in particular empathy, and, of course, knowledge, because we are talking about intelligence. The basis of sexual IQ is the recognition of your own sexuality, which is an important part of your personality. Sexual satisfaction is directly related to a person's level of sexual intelligence. Moreover, scientists have identified the fact that people with high SQ are able to build a harmonious relationship with the same partner throughout life.
Of course, sexual satisfaction plays an important role in their relationship – in such couples, partners are ready to meet each other halfway, try something new, bring variety to life and, of course, listen to their chosen one, feel him and do not hide anything from him.
The concept of sexual intelligence does not provide for the transfer of values to any particular scale. It can't be expressed in numbers, unlike normal IQ. It can be measured only by one quantity – the satisfaction that was achieved during sex by each of the partners.
So how do you achieve maximum satisfaction and increase your SQ?
The authors of the concept of sexual intelligence call first of all to abandon the cliches imposed on us by the cinema. Of course, everyone can have passionate mind-blowing sex with the first person they meet, but more often it still happens in the movies than in reality. For sex to be truly satisfying, partners need to get to know each other well, identify preferences and desires. You need to have certain skills that come exclusively with experience. Sexual intelligence, like any other, is based on knowledge, skills and understanding of what you want to get and what your partner wants, and not on the passion of nature. Therefore, the researchers came to the conclusion that during sex it is very useful to sometimes "turn on" your head, analyze both your behavior in bed and your partner.
In order to be happy sexually, you need to understand what brings satisfaction to you personally. After all, a sufficient number of people have unrealized fantasies and desires that they are afraid to tell their partner about. For them, this is almost a taboo topic. Therefore, instead of increasing their sexual IQ, they get a "developmental delay»
The key to a harmonious sexual relationship and developed sexual intelligence is not to be afraid to discuss sex with your partner – in the ability to listen and listen, to perceive without judgment. All this makes it possible to move towards the satisfaction of desires, both your own and his/her. Honesty and openness in conversations about sex is the key to harmony and the driving force of sexual intelligence, contributing to its evolution.

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