Британские секреты НЛО в документах

British UFO secrets in the documents. Ten years ago the war office of great Britain has declassified documents about the study of the UFO signals.

So, ten years ago, documents were declassified by the British war office. They testified to a thorough study of each UFO signal.

Watch the video below. So you will learn about the facts of meeting people with unidentified flying objects.

Some of the declassified documents probably raise more questions than answers. Because most of the archives were destroyed. And only then did they become public.

British military revealed participation in the study of UFOs

So, never before has the British war office disclosed its involvement in the investigation of the UFO phenomenon. While in publishing documents, it allowed itself to take this step. The supporting facts were published in accordance with the law on freedom of access to information.

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Thus, the published data show the actions of the authorities. The latter has long tried to destroy information about UFOs. Therefore, I deposited the documents in The state archive in accordance with the "30-year rule".

Learn more about British UFO secrets in the video below.

Thus, it is clear how much interest there was in the Ministry to all the signals about UFOs. In particular, there was even a secret division. His task was to study UFOs for intelligence management. So, the secret division was codenamed DI55.

In 1983, due to a clerk's error, the list of recipients containing DI55 was removed from the public documents. The papers were related to UFOs. Therefore, ufologists, of course, began to ask their questions.

"In this regard, people began to be interested in what DI55 is. And also ask what this organization is doing, how it relates to what is happening," says Dr. Clark. Thus, DI55 decided to reveal the truth about its activities to the public.

Why and how British UFO secrets in documents were made public

In addition, it should be noted that the documents were no longer top secret after a request sent by 2 people. In particular, they were a journalism teacher and Professor from Shelby University, D. Clark and E. Roberts. In particular, the request was made in accordance with the law on freedom of access to information.

"So, the documents provided do not report anything about UFOs. However, they show the activity of the Ministry of defense. In particular, the Agency showed the interest of the special services on a specific issue," says Dr. Clark.

In addition, the real hunt for such documents begins after the request was sent in 1976. It was written by Amateur ufologist Julian Hennessy. So, the ufologist insisted on getting access to the documents of the war Department about UFO sightings. But, apparently, the request "had no weight". Because D. Hennessy's Lawsuit was dismissed.

British UFO secrets

"So, the insistence with which they destroyed any mention of the main activities of the secret intelligence unit, forces us to draw conclusions. For example, to assume, with a high probability, that they had something to hide," suggests Dr. Clark.

Consequently, the role of DI55 was detailed in a report published by Clark in may and provided to the guardian newspaper.

The 500-page document contains almost all the evidence known to the secret UFO research unit, or as it is most often called in the Ministry, about "unidentified atmospheric phenomena."

It contains more than 10,000 facts and evidence.

The report confirms that the existence of UFOs is an irrefutable fact, but most of the comments relate to "plasma burning" that occurs under "similar climatic conditions with high magnetic activity" or meteor showers.

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