8 хитростей, как выглядеть сексуально каждый день

We know that you need to eat right and go to fitness regularly, but it happens that there is not enough time for yourself, and the hour X, when you need to be irresistible, is just around the corner. We reveal a few tricks to get the perfect body in a matter of seconds.
Choose the right styling
The right hair length and styling can make you look taller and slimmer, and give your face the desired shape. The secret is in the right proportions. Thumbelina is contraindicated long hair, and those who have plump cheeks, it is better to avoid styling, when the volume is concentrated in the front of the head, thus framing the face.
Buy a new bra
You've probably heard that 80% of women wear a bra that doesn't quite fit them. More often than not, we buy sconces that are larger than we need. It's sad to realize, but it's all about conventions and our permanent dissatisfaction with ourselves and our figure. In General, always try on underwear before you buy it, because depending on the model, the size may vary.
Choose a bra very carefully, guided by your parameters and data in the size grid. And remember: 75C is not the same as 80B, as sellers like to claim.
Smile in a special way
This is probably the strangest, but also the most effective way to make your face look slimmer in photos. The next time you smile for another selfie, don't forget to stick your tongue in the sky (of course, unnoticed by others). What for? This will help to visually outline the cheekbones, get rid of the second chin and make the lower part of the face more toned.
Choose low-cut shoes
High-heeled shoes visually make your legs longer and slimmer, but much more effect can be achieved with low-cut pumps, which slightly reveal our toes to strangers. And to hit everyone on the spot completely, choose Nude shoes – your feet will become like the "angels" of Victoria's Secret.
Give up weight training
If you have an important event coming up very soon and you are sweating in the gym to lose a few extra pounds, then you are not on the right track. It turns out that due to strength training, our muscles can temporarily swell due to the accumulation of lactic acid in them. Note that various stretching exercises, especially yoga and Pilates, will help to disperse it.
Buy good shapewear
You will be surprised, but it really works. Make a waist where it hasn't been for a couple of years? No problem! Pull the belly and remove the sides? There is nothing easier! Maybe you still want slim thighs in a couple of seconds? Please! Almost every imperfect part of the body has something to wear. And don't be embarrassed. All Hollywood stars wear this, and how else to look dazzling in super-flowing dresses all year round and at any time of the day or night.
Sleep in a cold room
Did you know that the cold not only chills to the bone, but also increases the number of calories burned? Once in the cool, the body begins to intensively burn fat, spending their energy on heating the body. So you can combine business with pleasure – healthy sleep and weight loss. As for the instant effect, if you fall asleep with the window open, you will Wake up in the morning without swelling and traces of the pillow, your eyes and mind will be fresh, and your body will be in good shape.
Choose dark jeans with a high waist
Dark color always looks good on the figure. It Slims and skillfully hides flaws. And dark jeans, in our opinion, are definitely the best invention of mankind (if they are also high-waisted, then doubly so). Mark yourself: a high belt will visually add extra centimeters to the legs in length, and a pop with such an accent accessory will look no worse than Kardashian's (note: almost all of her things have an inflated waist).

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